Gelbvieh Herdsires


GGGE 3G Zipline 266Z

Sire: 3G Excellence 063X
3G Cowgirl Winnifred 982

- Grand Champion Gelbvieh Bull - 2014 NWSS
- Division Champion Gelbvieh - 2013 NWSS


Zipline in the pasture
- Purchased during the 2013 National Western as one of the most talked about Purebred Gelbviehs in the barn.


Balancer Herdsires



GGGE 3G EZ Money 209Z

Sire: Duff Basic Instict
Dam: 3G Cowgirl Pebbles 430P

BW: 71 WW: 881 YW: 1590

- Reserve National Champion Balancer Bull - 2014 NWSS
- Reserve National Champion Balancer Bull - 2013 NWSS


Red Angus Herdsires


C-T Red Quest 4010 - Resident Herd Sire

Sire: Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334
Dam: C-T Blockana 2023 (HXC Conquest 4405P)

Seven Red Angus sons averaged over $8,000 in our 2017 sale. Look for many more sons in the 2018 sale as well as Balancer bulls by Red Quest.

Red Quest was the 2nd high selling bull in the Feddes/ C-T Red Angus bull sale in Montana, and has exceptional EPDs.

Purchased with Ravishing Reds, North Platte, NE


OVER Cooperstown 350C - Resident Herd Sire

Sire: OVER Zamboni 13Z
Dam: OVER Annalise 350A

Reg# 3493585
BW: 72 ratio 99 WW: 700, ratio 114 YW: 1289, ratio 116
IMF: 5.46 ratio 119 REA: 12.83, ratio 105

Great Granddam is 25P on the females page.

A long fronted bull who puts lenght and hip in his progeny. From a strong female line, as long as 3 generations have MPPA's of 105.

OVER Zion 674Z (18 months of age)

Zion 2015
OVER Zion 674Z - (3 years of age)

OVER Zion 674Z - Resident Herd Sire

Sire: HCX Conquest 4405P
Dam: Feddes Blockana 926

Reg# 1645273

Maternal sisters are proving to be top cows in our herd. We purchases walking rights back to add more of his type and kind to our herd. His first sons scanned off the charts.

- purchased by Accelerated Genetics in our 2013 sale
- Semen available
- His dam decends from the awesome Blockana family
- Look for lower birth weights out of him then his flushmate 71X


3SCC Demand D37 - Resident Herd Sire

Sire: 3SCC Domain A163
Dam: 3SCC Anna B70

Reg# 3546425

WW: 767, ratio 115 YW: 1387, ratio 116
IMF: 4.11 ratio 108 REA: 14.90, ratio 116

The high selling bull from the Sonstegard Cattle Co. sale in Minnesota.  We out bid several breeders and semen companies to have this powerful performance bull walking our pastures.  Look for him to add length and frame and for more pay weight come sale time. This is his description from the sale catalog. "Our top Domain son that is super stout and loaded with thickness!  Complete bull that is wide topped and big butted with an easy going disposition.  This first calf heifer hit a home run her first try.  Super strong EPD's profile across the board."

Over draft pick

OVER Draft Pick 413D - AI Sire

Sire: C-T Red Quest 4010
Dam: OVER 413B

Reg# 3548524
BW: 60 ratio 88 WW: 677, ratio 115 YW: 1232, ratio 113
IMF: 4.44 REA: 13.19

Purchased as the high seller in our 2017 sale by ST Genetics. Dam is backed by at least 3 generations of Donors and his Sire has 4 Donors out of 5 generations maternally. This guy combines breed leading genetics and EPD's to the highest level. He is being used heavily in our herd.


OVER Zamboni 13Z - AI Sire

- purchased by Troy Jones, NE
- semen available, he is working on heifers
- his dam is X13 on the female's page

- Maternal Brother to OVER Draft Pick 413D's Dam



Reg#: 1405033
BD: 01/17/2010
BW: 79 lbs.


To view Contour's video click this link:



OVER At Ease 510 - AI Sire

C-Bar Contour 107X
Dam: OVER Roxanne 510R

Reg# 1646467

BW: 80, ratio 99 WW: 736, ratio 114 YW: 1416, ratio 112
IMF: 4.73 ratio 120 REA: 16.64

The high selling bull sold to Rippe Gelbvieh.

Look for some top sons out of At Ease and 9148 (pictured on the females page) in our 2018 production sale.